If you are reading this, then you might be…

If you are reading this then you might have been at Alicia Discepola’s workshop at Stockton College learning about the Social Network. Or you may have just listened to my presentation in Dr. Thompson’s “Introduction to the Principalship” class through Rowan University.  Or you may have seen this posted on twitter and kindly followed the link. However you landed here, I thank you and appreciate your time! I hope you enjoy what I can offer.


Social media has become an amazing resource for educators. As a principal,  I am able to use twitter, and blogging (I have 2 – this one and my school blog rmbaconweekly.blogspot.com) to communicate with parents, teachers, and administrators either within my district or throughout the world. In fact, today as I was walking up the stairs at my school, I had a 3rd grader tell me he read my blog! I consider myself a life-long learner, so I also use these platforms to reflect on my insights into my learning experiences, and model the way for the students.

Although it may seem like a lot of work, it really isn’t. I actually find it very relaxing and inspiring. At first, setting up a blog or twitter account might be time consuming, but once you have the format, it only takes as long as you want and or need. It takes more time to prepare the blogs then a tweet because twitter reduces your tweets to 140 characters. Because of all this, I read a lot more then I ever did before getting into Social Networking. I have been able to communicate with other teachers and administrators around the world. I read their tweets, twitter links, and blogs to learn information and answer questions.

Eric Sheringer, Scholastic Cover2-175ft5c.jpg

For example, over the weekend I saw a quote on twitter and I thought I would share it with you. The quote was from Eric Sheringer, Principal at New Milford High School, in New Milford, NJ. He was presenting at the NASSP2012 (National Association of Secondary School Principals) conference which was held in Tampa, Fl. During the presentation he said, “If you don’t tell the story of your school (insert district, curriculum area, classroom, etc.) someone else will. Be the storyteller-in-chief.” Wow, I thought that was so powerful. And to think, someone tweeted it out while he was talking. Then I was able to discover it while he was speaking. I did mention he was Tampa, but I wasn’t!

As you go through your journey, you will find so many connections. I agree with Eric that we all have a story to share.

What is your story? Who is going to tell it?

Good luck!

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