Super Bowl: Winners and Losers (33:365)



In a few short hours approximately 140 million people from all over the world will watch Super Bowl 48. I will be one of them, but in doing research for this post, I came across some interesting statistics that made me feel we are not all winning with this game. I had to compare (some might say a major leap) this event with my occupation as a school principal.


The NFL is a “tax exempt” or non-profit league that generates about 10 billion dollars annually. In addition, when building their stadiums, tax payers (like you and I) have to foot the bill. An average stadium costs the tax payers about 200 million. Yikes. Not to mention the billions of dollars that the major networks pay to the NFL in order to broadcast these events makes me shake my head.


In education, we have been the subject of political, budgetary debates throughout the country. Teachers and administrators are often vilified in the press for their rising salaries, health care, work day, and even work year. School districts struggle to update, repair or (gasp) build new schools. The school I work in was built in 1929 and I am unable to have students with special needs, handicapped or temporarily handicapped (think: broken legs). The oldest NFL stadium was built in 1924 (Soldier Field) but was renovated in 2001-03 financed by, in large part, the taxpayers. Granted, the Chicago Bears will pay rent on the building, and like all of the big stadiums, the city will host other events that can generate money. Hey, I could start charging the local sports teams that use my gym on the weekend…. Hmmm?


So what is the message we are sending here? Who are the winners and losers?


Interesting article on NFL and taxes 

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