There is a lot to laugh at (39:365)



Ask anyone who works for me what I enjoy most and you will most likely hear “he likes to laugh and he likes others to laugh.” After a rough day, week or even just to lighten things up, I seek laughter. Good laughter that does not come at the expensive of others (unless it is myself). I am so glad the staff I work with gets this about me. I truly believe if you can’t laugh at yourself, then there is nothing to laugh at.


Usually the staff will hear me say off the wall things to parents, teachers or students. For instance, this week they over heard me imitating a duck call for a parent of a student who was distracting others. Yes, I made the duck call. Or the other Spike-isms I have developed on the fly. I strive to be real and not have the air of a distant “school administrator.” When the day is over, I am a father, husband, friend, and jokester. I am a person!


So on Fridays, we love to hang out after dismissal and laugh! We laugh at each other, the silly things that happened during the week or crazy stuff I have done or said. It is therapeutic and necessary. It is a way to shake off the stress.


Laugh! Because there is a lot to laugh at!



2 thoughts on “There is a lot to laugh at (39:365)

  1. Your graphic is very attractive. I do Laughter yoga for free in my community. Can I use your graphic on my posters. Thank you. I agree with your use of humor. Nothing makes friends better than sharing a good laugh.

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