What is the Purpose? (40:365)

Source: www.purposeofschool.com

Source: www.purposeofschool.com

When I think about organizations, I always ask myself the question what is the purpose?  No matter the organization, there is always a purpose… With that said, I am not sure everyone knows the answer to that question…


How do we determine the purpose of an organization? Is it the mission? Vision? Values? or even the goals? Is it the strategic plan? What is the purpose? I know, I ask a lot of questions….


Who determines purpose? For instance, does the State Department of Education determine a school or district’s purpose? Or is it the parents, administration, teachers or students? As a principal, I feel the purpose of our school is to provide a safe, world class environment for learning, life long learning. Everything else is secondary or should tie in with that. Purpose is important because it trumps pay, and is what drives me to be a better leader, learner and collaborator.


What is your purpose?…..





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