Active Reading in 21st Century (41:365)

5th grade student actively reading online through Reading Street

5th grade student actively reading online through Reading Street

To some the term Active Reading may sound like an oxymoron… Isn’t reading supposed by relaxing? Well, yes and no. In order to teach kids the skills needed to comprehend and make higher level connections, they need to be active readers. So how do you make reading active?


Well, if you want to be 20th century about it, you can teach kids to use post-its or flags to mark their learning. It is a tried and true way that students have been using to mark their learning. I used it alot in graduate school, and it sure made my classmates and professors feel I was active with my reading. But as the 21st century crawls into schools, how do you teach students to active read on a device?


One of the ways that our students are able to access text is online. We are currently piloting Reading Street to see how this program assists students in meeting the needs of the Common Core and 21st century learning. To be honest, Reading Street did their homework. Students can interact with the text by flagging, marking and even adding hyperlinks for words they struggle to grasp. Even better, these active reading strategies are there for them when they return to the text. So their text becomes a platform to go global, make connections, and take reading to a whole new level.

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