Be careful going down the lane (51:365)

A few minutes after the fall. Maybe I should keep sneakers in my office?

A few minutes after the fall. Maybe I should keep sneakers in my office?

I usually stay late on Tuesdays. It is something my wife and I worked out to allow me to get work done with out the kids bothering me. The past few weeks I have used the time to catch up, write observations, write, blog and grade the papers from my graduate course.

This Tuesday was no different. I had just finished a conversation with an older brother who came to pick up his little sister from the after-school program. He couldn’t make it downstairs because he recently tore his ACL playing basketball.  Basketball? I love playing basketball. It is one of my favorite sports. Then I peered into the gym and guess what? Kids were playing basketball.

I just wanted a 20 minute break to get my heart going to help me stay focused. I ventured to the gym and the Teacher and I took on five 5th graders in half court. 2 on 5 but then again the (2) were adults. We tried to teach the kids about how they outnumbered us and that they should have no problem beating us. Needless to stay, we got out to an 11-0 run and we were hardly trying. Everyone was having fun and we kept trying to encourage the kids to work together.


Boot? Until I get my brace this will have to do....

Boot? Until I get my brace this will have to do….

Then I had an opening and I was all alone in the lane. The teacher made a perfect pass and I went up for the layup. As I came down on the side of my ankle I let out a very loud roar. I went down like a ton of bricks. I felt like I was going to vomit. It was bad. The kids opened the gym doors to let a breeze in. I scooted off the court and watched the kids finish the game. They checked in on me and I could tell they felt bad. I eventually waddled out of the gym and went to the Nurse’s office to find ice. I returned to my office and tried to get work done but my ankle was killing me. I called my wife and told her what happened and that I would be home early. Ugh, I really feel like I am getting old!


I didn’t break anything but I did a number on my tendons. I will be in a brace for the next three weeks at least. Did I ever mention that I work in a building with lots of stairs and no elevator?


All I can say is be careful going down the lane…. Even if you are wide open 🙂

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