Never-ending positivity (80:365)



One of the roles of the 21st century school leader is what I like to call “Never-ending positivity.” Believe me, there are days when I question the job I am doing, or get upset at how others view me or the school, but when the day is over it is all about being positive. In education, there are so many hurdles, obstacles, concerns, not to mention that things are just not fair. The education system is far from perfect, but our kids and families deserve the very best each and everyday.


As I walk around the school, I always try to view the glass as half filled. Even today, as I am home battling a nasty sinus infection, my thoughts are centered on how I can be a better principal Monday morning. How can I, as the school leader, make things better for the faculty, staff, students, parents, and community members? Well, in addition to being competent, following through on promises, and providing a culture based on collaboration, I need to be the person who believes that things are getting better.


Here are some things to consider about promoting a never-ending positivity based leadership model:

– Be honest, but don’t complain about things you cannot control

– Smile

– Ask people how they are, and what you can do to help

– When the going gets tough, the tough stay positive

– No one (administrator, student, parent, teacher, staff) is perfect, and you cannot take things personally

– There is always tomorrow – You can improve every day

– Have a goal – Encourage people to “imagine a better school”

– When faced with budget cuts, insurmountable odds, or any other school based challenges, rally the troops, be honest, ask for help, build a positive reaction!




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