Hear us ROAR! (113:365)

source: prpretaporter.wordpress.com

source: prpretaporter.wordpress.com

Every school has a story to tell, and as Eric Sheninger has said, “If you don’t tell your story, someone else will.” Our school is currently going through a systemic process to “brand” our selves. Our good friends Tony Sinanis and Joe Sanfelippo have been great resources because they are currently the experts in the area of school branding. The host a podcast on BAM Network, have a twitter account for branding,  and they often blog about branding on their sites. I am looking forward to their book about branding scheduled to be released  in the fall of 2014 through Corwin Press!


As we embark on the branding process, we are critiquing everything we do, our mission/vision/values/goals all in an effort to promote ourselves. This process has involved the key stakeholders, and at each step we celebrate the process. For instance, we have a lot of content on Social Media, but we never did a video about our school. So, over the past 3 weeks we embarked on this journey and made it happen. I think this video is a great visual representation of RM Bacon. We are very fortunate to have had Alicia Mackall film, edit, and produce this video!


Here is our story!


What’s your school’s story? Please share 🙂

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