Earth Day 2014 (115:365)

photo 5 (6)Our school recently participated in the annual Earth Day celebration…. Our Art teacher, with the help of many other people in the building, assisted the students with an awareness of exactly why we need to celebrate the Earth. Throughout the days, students of all ages learned the importance of recycling….


I think the day was focused on all the right activities. Students made recycled paper, and were encouraged to “plant” it because it contained seeds. They made art out of recycled materials, and participated in the design of the art. The students also began to grow their own plants through a station that taught them about seeds and the planting process…


Students in grades 3 – 5 went to see the movie photo 4 (14)Bears. During the weeks leading up they researched the movie and even did a compare/contrast upon returning from the movie. Some students took time to watch live streaming Bear cams that featured live Bears looking for food.

What I liked most about the day was that it was good old messy learning. It required students and teachers to get out of their comfort zones and appreciate all that our existence on Earth provides…..


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