Write your own way.. 7 easy steps (117:365)

source: savvysassyme.com

source: savvysassyme.com

Blogging can be intimidating. There is always the question… what am I going to write? Who is going to read it? These are fair questions, and honestly, no matter who you talk with, each blogger has gone through these stages… Here are my 7 tips on writing your own way:

  1. Just write – Whether it is an idea, a comment or a suggestion… just write
  2. Ask for other (trusted) people to read – Let them look at it from the the “reader perspective”
  3. Set a time to write – For me, I write every day – Maybe for starting out you decided to try once a week – Set a time and stick to it!
  4. Publish – It is so easy to start your own blog – Most blogs are equipped with design that makes you look professional
  5. Length does matter – Through my statistics on my blog, most people are on this site for 1:22 seconds – That’s not a lot of time and my posts reflect this insight
  6. Give credit to your sources – Make sure to give credit for videos, pictures or quotes
  7. Read, Read, Read – You need to read other blog posts

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