How data informs (119:365)



I recently attended a meeting to discuss an initiative. It is not important what initiative was, but more so the epiphany someone had during the meeting…. Here is a paraphrase of what they said….. When I came to this meeting, I was sure how I was going to vote. Then, I listened to the data that was presented, and now I have changed my mind! Whoa, I thought …. ¬†This person actually let the data inform them….


It was really amazing because most people get stuck in their thinking. We all do at some point, but there are times when we allow our minds to be open…. I know that in education, the terms”data,” “data-based decisions,” and “data informed,” are difficult for some people to understand…. In this case, I was encouraged by the epiphany and how one person allowed the data to inform their decision…



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