Typecasting (120:365)

source: factsandtrends.net

source: factsandtrends.net

In education (and in life), we love to typecast…. I think some people think it makes things easier, but what really happens is that it limits potential. For instance, I am sure you have heard typecasting comments in your organization:

  • I am a ________ (insert subject, grade, etc) teacher
  • That person is only good at __________
  • She can only work in a lower-socioeconomic area
  • They will never be able to ___________
  • We need someone with specific  __________ experience  
  • I’m not a technology person


Until we break the typecasting roles, we are going to struggle. As the 21st Century becomes a reality, how will you resist the temptation to put yourself, or others into the typecast?



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