The substitute or lead “teacher” (121:365)



Today was one of those days when we were short on substitutes. Having not been in the classroom for sometime, I jumped at the chance to spend a day in the classroom (That’s why I am still here at 7:15 pm). My teacher left really good plans for me to follow. I had a great day. We learned math, practiced and prepared for our assessments, connected online, and even learned a thing or two about treating each other with respect.


As a principal, I believe it is always important to be able to not only be the lead “learner” but also the lead “teacher.” Early in the day I let the staff know that I would be in room 12 all day if they needed me. On my prep period I was able to do 5 walkthroughs, return a few parent calls, and have two discipline meetings with students. Teaching actually energized me! I learned a lot from the students, and hopefully reinforced my commitment to being the best principal/learner/teacher I can be… Until next time… stay healthy everyone 🙂



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