Proud to be in Millville (134:365)

Photo by Patti Banker

Photo by Patti Banker

I’ve never met Mike Trout, I am not from Millville, and I have only been working here for the last 3 years. Yet, as I watched the build up to Mike Trout’s debut at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, I was proud to at least be associated with this city! I didn’t go to the game, but I knew a lot of people who did. I followed their tweets, instagram, and facebook posts about the event….. The event that over 4,000 residents of Millville attended…. all to support their home town hero!


As I watched on TV, the announcers continued to mention the never-before-seen support for an away player. They mentioned how the Millville Band played, the Mayor threw out the first pitch, and how the Millville Orange and Blue dominated! The next day when I talked to co-workers who attended they beamed as they told me their individual stories. Everyone was so happy and so proud be from the Holly City that also happens to be the home of two time MVP runner-up, and all around great guy Mike Trout.

This was such a unique experience, and it made me proud to work in Millville.

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