Change can be draining (136:365)



Change be draining both emotionally and physically! As I wrote in yesterday’s post, our school is embarking on a systemic change that is impacting every grade level, and about 70% of the staff in some form or fashion. Throughout the day I had meeting after meeting to discuss the proposed changes with everyone directly involved. Some of these meetings went well and some not so well but all were approached with the same information. It will certainly take time, and our dedicated staff will remain focused on the target… the students!


As I stated earlier, this process has been draining. I fell asleep at 8:30 PM last night. I just didn’t have anymore energy. I was tapped out. I am sure I was not the only once as I am cognizant of the change process for the staff. I believe, however, it is days like today that will actually make our school better! We will face this change together. We will be drained together, and renew together!



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