5 Learning Opportunities for Memorial Day (145:365)

Source: buffalocatholiccemeteries.org

Source: buffalocatholiccemeteries.org

As we celebrate Memorial Day in the United States, I think it is important to understand how we can provide students with opportunities to learn about this holiday. With the advent of technology, and web 2.0 tools, these learning opportunities are right at your fingertips. Let me know if you put them into the classroom and how it impacted your students’ learning.


5 Learning Opportunities for Memorial Day. As you will notice that the activities listed below climb Bloom’s Taxonomy. Be sure to have them go through all the stages to realize the full potential of learning:

  1. History of Memorial Day – Check out Apples 4 the Teacher’s comprehensive site about the History of Memorial Day. Also, you can use the History Channel’s 4 minute video to assist with background knowledge
  2. Understanding the Impact – Education World has a graphing activity for all grade levels so that the students can see the impact of those who lost their lives fighting for the country.
  3. Virtual visitation – There are literally thousands of opportunities for students to take a virtual tours of the various memorials throughout the country. One place to start is the The National Mall and Memorial site. Halo creatives has a virtual tour of the National Mall.
  4. Skype or Google Hangout with a Veteran – Make this activity an opportunity for you or your students to connect with someone who is either unable to visit the classroom because of health or distance. Ask your students if they have a relative, or I am sure someone in your school has a connection. Have the students develop questions for the Skype. Interview a few people and have the students analyze and evaluate the stories or maybe have them compare/contrast their learning.
  5. Pay it forward – Have your students create a wiki, video, Prezi, or Augmented Reality activity for others. Make sure to post it in a blog so that others can learn!


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