Teamwork (150:365)

Planning becomes action through teamwork!

Planning becomes action through teamwork!

Whenever we have big events at my school (and we make everything big!) I notice a certain change in people. For instance, tonight is our Alumni Night and we have been preparing for this for the past 4 months. It is a group ¬†effort because one person could not do it all. So how does it come together? It’s simple… Teamwork!


I see staff working together to help out the overall “cause.” It seems that those who help, despite their busy schedule, will continue to ask the same question, “How can I help?” Ironically, it could be the same person who is just helping with one event, ends up coordinating another event. Then everyone asks them, “What can I do to help?”


I hope that the students see how the teachers work together to achieve awesomeness… It really is a great lesson for them to see firsthand!

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