Honoring the past (151:365)

Established in 1929

Established in 1929

Last night the RM Bacon School put another idea into action… our First Annual Alumni Night. We are blessed to be working at a school that has been serving the students in Millville, NJ since 1929 and we wanted to welcome them back. This event was part of our system action plan to improve our community relationship.


We transformed the infamous Bacon Gym into a scene from history. In honoring the alumni, we decorated the gym with memorabilia from the 1930’s. 1940’s and 1950’s. Alumni were able to connect with each other, enjoy great food, and reminisce. We copied photos, yearbooks, and even some of the artwork we could find to make everyone feel comfortable. Throughout the evening, we read the alumni’s favorite memories from their time at our school. As I read them for all to hear, I joked that our current students are really no different…. They value teachers who care, love to dance, and love the activities.


Prior to honoring 4 outstanding Alumni, I made a presentation of the current situation at Bacon School. I talked with the Alumni about how serious we are about honoring the past through providing the best, 21st century learning opportunities to the current and future students. I showed them a video of the current students engaged in learning, fun, and of course…. dancing! It was truly a memorable evening!


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