Are we there yet? End of School Year with @curtrees (153:365)

The recess kickball legend

The recess kickball legend

The Principalcast crew recently interviewed Curt Rees about the end of the school year. He offered suggestions and tips for ending the school year on a positive note. He suggests that principals get as much information to the teachers as possible before leaving for the summer. He works very hard to get the schedule, class lists, and as much other planning for the new school year completed.


Curt encourages teachers and administrators to learn as much as possible over the summer. As for Curt, he will be continuing his Doctoral program at University of Kentucky, participating in chats through twitter, and doing lots of reading. He also suggests that educators spend time eating correctly and exercising to avoid the “end of the school year” burn out.



Check out the podcast in its entirety:

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