What Challenges You? (154:365)

Source: www.businessreviewusa.com

Source: www.businessreviewusa.com

What challenges you? What is it about life that makes you get up in the morning to face the day? Recently I have been thinking about these questions, and I usually end up with the same answer! If it is easy (and not a challenge) then I really do not want to be part of it!

For instance, being a principal is a demanding job (as I am sure most jobs are) but cowering away from challenges and obstacles should not be part of our vocabulary. We have too much responsibility to the students, community, and other educators throughout the world to not face up to our challenges.


There are many challenges in education….

  • Technology?
  • Personnel?
  • Curriculum?
  • Time?
  • Feedback?
  • Assessment?


What challenges you?

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