Branding Our New Bears (155:365)

Each parent will receive the photo we took :)

Each parent will receive the photo we took 🙂

Yesterday we hosted the incoming Kindergartners. We wanted to make the day day special for them and their parents. In order to do this we talked about some ideas and agreed to get the new bears familiar with our brand…. Along their tour they received Bacon Stickers (with our hashtag), pencils, and bracelets. When they visited the Kindergarten classrooms, each student received a stuffed teddy bear with a message “Future Bacon Bear” on it. At the conclusion of their tour, we took a picture of each child with the sign “Future Bacon Bear.” We thought they really liked their visit.


Then, we heard back from the Child Family Center where all the students currently attend and the Bears were the buzz of the school! The teachers remarked about how awesome they thought the idea was and what an impact it had on the students. Even our current students mentioned how they wished that they had received a Bear entering Kindergarten!

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