Transformation of Learning Spaces (159:365)



Why do we scoff at the idea of making schools into learning spaces similar to google, or apple? Why do we feel it is still appropriate to require students to sit in rows in the classrooms that are painted an institutional color? Why is that such a problem?  60 years of brain research would say it is not a problem, in fact, transformation is desperately needed!


Thankfully, there are trailblazers among us who have challenged the process of what schools should or could look like. These trailblazers have worked collaboratively with the brightest architects, designers, and thinkers in order to transcend and transform learning spaces. Here are just a few who have been successful in creating 21st Century Learning Spaces:


Dwight Carter – Worked collaboratively to build a new building Clark Hall for his existing high school in Ohio. Its funny because when people visit Clark Hall, Dwight says they have 2 similar reactions. “1. this is amazing and 2. we can’t do this where I work.”


Hilliard School District- Studied Clark Hall and then implemented changes in learning spaces in their district.


Erin Klein – Has worked tirelessly to reinvent her classroom each year. She also provides multiple resources on her Pinterest page.


Cybraryman – Here are a list of excellent resources for redesigning learning spaces .


It can be done!!!






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