Coming Soon: Connected Leadership: It’s just a click away (164:365)


Pre-order available now

Pre-order available now

Connected Leadership: It’s a click away is a practical guide to assist current and prospective school leaders to connect and learn from the global audience on social media. As a connected leader, I wrote the book to share with others how helpful it has been to develop a personal learning network, to tell the story of my school, and how social media has expanded my horizons as a leader. The five most important features in the book is that it is laid out in a practical manner, and each chapter has a story from a connected educator that exemplifies the purpose of the chapter and book. In this book, readers will learn what a PLN is, how blogging can help tell their school’s story, what current research says about being connected, and how this process can transform you as a leader.

“In Connected Leadership: It’s a click away, Spike Cook presents a practical, easy to understand, and more importantly easy to implement manual for becoming connected. Spike uses real life experiences from connected educators to highlight the tenets of the book. This is a must read for the connected and soon to be connected leaders!” Todd Whitaker 

Throughout this book, you will read about educators such as Brad Gustafson, an elementary principal who highlights his school in everything he does using Social Media. Then you will get a slice of what the researchers are saying as Jeff Carpenter and Daniel Krutka share their very timely research of 72 connected administrators from around the country. Chaptrer 2 also features Thad Haines, connected leader from Ohio who uses social media for professional and personal development. In chapter 3, Ben Gilpin discusses how his blog is used to display the power of reflection. Amber Teamann will show you how important a Professional Learning Network (PLN) is to your overall process of “connectedness.” In chapter 5, Theresa Stager, a first year principal from Michigan, will discuss how she has transformed in a short amount of time as a leader and connected learner. Finally, in the conclusion, trailblazer Melinda Miller will share her story of how after 8 years, she is still amazed by the role Social Media has played in her leadership.





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