Helping students create non-linguistic representations (165:365)

It took a 6 year old about 10 minutes to create

It took a 6 year old about 10 minutes to create

My daughter has become very savvy with the Ipad. She has her own YouTube account and comments on various videos she watches. She uses hundreds of apps to do everything from dress her dolls to create Minecraft worlds.  She plays word searches, takes pictures, and owns her own learning. Did I mention that she is 6?


The other day she sent me a text that my WeeMee was completed. She worked on this WeeMee of me, and created it all herself. When I received it, I immediately saw that it was a non-linguistic representation of… me… She nailed it too.. Coffee, technology and a  soccer ball… I also think she wants me to bring my mustache back (lol).


Check out WeeMee and let your learning emerge….

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