You never know who is reading! (169:365)



So, I visit the middle school today because our video yearbook is complete and there is a machine there that can make multiple copies at one time. Mr. Perry, a colleague and friend (and very innovative teacher) is always gracious to help me out with this process. As we make the video copies, we get a chance to converse about the latest Mac news, share resources on emerging technology that can help students, and just catch up. I am always impressed with his ability to multi-task. Today he was reviewing with students web 2.0 tools that they could use for the summer or in high school.


During one of the breaks he took me to their 21st century, digital masterpiece affectionately known as Digital Media Center (DMC). This room has flat screens on the brick wall, the latest ergonomic tables and chairs, an 80 inch 3D TV,a Bright-Link, and most important room to grow and change as technology changes. When we entered the room the teachers, Mrs. Bermudez, and Mrs. Fisler looked at me and smiled…. “Students, do you know who this is?” they asked. “This is Dr. Cook, you have been reading and studying his blog.” My mouth was agape. I thought to myself, wow, and then… hmm what have I been writing about. The teachers went on to tell me that they are teaching the students about blogging and they wanted them to see someone’s blog that is close to them. I thanked the students, and encouraged them to comment.


What a great learning opportunity. I hope some of the kids start their own blogs, and use the platform to discuss their ideas. It is so rewarding to blog, and it helps develop your digital footprint. Happy reading and blogging. You never know who will be reading your blogs:)

4 thoughts on “You never know who is reading! (169:365)

  1. Thank you for stopping in! The kids were very excited to meet the man behind the blog! It was very interesting for Jill and I to learn what students know and think they know about blogging! We had a few students who said they would like to start their own blog. We will encourage them to continue to follow you and also to comment.
    Thanks again for the visit,

  2. Dr. Cook,
    It was a pleaure to meet and introduce you to our students as, “The Man Behind the Blog”!Crystal and I have enjoyed reading your blog as well as the students. So many of our students expressed attending Bacon School and their positive experiences. To our students amazemen, was how often you post and update your blog. Thank you so much for taking the time to come into the DMC and meet us.
    Jill Fisler

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