Reflection – 5 simple steps (189:365)



Reflection is key to growth. Whenever you have the time (and summer is a perfect time for educators) you need to reflect on your experiences. Here are 5 key ways to reflect:

1. Find a mentor, a trusted guide, an impartial 3rd party and tell them about your experiences

2. Write it out! We are in the education business, we need to be modeling what we want others to do
3. Actively seek out others who have expedience similar things – Just have to start reading blogs and you will certainly find examples
4. Silence is the backdrop of all thought – Turn down the noise of life, and relax, think
5. Plan – So, what are you going to do with your reflections? Put them into action, but first, develop a plan


Reflection can come in all different shapes and sizes… Take your time with it….



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