Find someone better than you (191:365)



Are you looking to improve in an area? Not happy with your weight? Want to be a better writer? Speaker? Gardener? If you are looking to be better…. find someone better than you! For instance, I was recently talking with an old friend of mine who is looking to expand his horizons…. He wants to be a comedian! So in preparing to be a comedian, he went to a few open mic nights and heard some really funny people. When he was in his local coffee shop he ran into one of the people he saw on stage… He asked for some help and the two collaborated for a few months on comedy. Guess what? My friend became a better comic as a result. So if you are looking to improve yourself in anyway, find someone better than you… and learn all you can!


For connected educators this is very easy and accessible… If there is someone who you admire on Twitter, all you have to do is follow them, check out their blog, or what they share… Once you have spent time learning from them, reach out to them to tell them how much you have learned… You may even want to interview them through Skype or GHO…. Next thing you know…. you will be better because of it!


Check out my summer series I did in 2012 and 2013 because I wanted to learn from those I admired! It helped me so much!

In 2012, I reached out to George Couros. After I interviewed him, I continued to reach out to about 9 other connected educators I admired… Here are the rest of the interviews

In 2013, I continued connected to educators. I started out by interviewing Rich KikerHere are the rest of the interviews...

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