Problem Finders (198:365)



Where do we find problems? When do we have time to find problems? In researching information for Genius Hour, I came across this video by Ewan McIntosh from his TEDx presentation. Even though the talk is almost 3 years old, the topic could not be more relevant. How do we find problems and how do we allow teachers to find problems?


I can definitely see some of my teachers engaging in problem finding, and I am excited about the possible results from these inquiries. Maybe they will tackle problems that I, as the principal, didn’t even know existed. The sky is the limit, and the problems are not the problems…. In my world, the problems are the opportunities! Once they see the power of problem finding, they will be more comfortable with allowing the students to do the same!


Check out this TEDx talk by Ewan, you will be glad you did!

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