It’s Time for the Miracle Morning! (199:365)



I love my #PLN. My two co-hosts (Jessica Johnson and Theresa Stager) were talking to me about the Miracle Morning book they were reading. We have talked with guests on the podcast such as Todd Whitaker and Eric Sheninger about how they most of their mornings. We have always come out of those conversations inspired, and challenged! Then, there is the reality of the modern day principal that stays up too late (usually connecting with others online) and wakes up late. It is a frustrating cycle for those who are not in the morning routine… But then there was this book, this voxer group, this podcast, this, this possibility!


I ended up ordering the book and it came in today. I am so excited about reading with this book and working with my PLN to become more effective in the morning… According to the back cover, this book will not only help me with the morning routine, but also with other goals and changes I have only dreamed of…. I took the first step… I got the book and I blogged about it!


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