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As you prepare for the students to return to your district, school, or classroom….Think for a minute… What is School for?

I just watched a TEDxYouth Talk from Seth Godin, and right from the beginning of the talk he had me thinking…. What is school for? He recanted how we have spent over 150 years in education with the same introduction,”Good morning Mr. or Mrs. so and so.” Wonder why? According to Godin, school was designed to teach obedience. Ironically, this form of education fit perfectly with the standardized tests, and the future factory employment. YIKES!


Throughout the TEDx talk, Seth provides the framework for the industrialized classroom (basically how we learned, our parents, grand-parents learned and how our kids are learning now… with little change):

  • Process students throughout the year, and the defective ones are sent back for reprocessing
  • Sit the kids in straight rows… just like the factory
  • Build a system based on inter-changeable people (and parts)
  • Train students to “buy stuff”

Towards the middle of the talk, Seth provides 8 things that are going to change completely if we decide how we are going to answer this question… What is school for?


Check out this brilliant talk by Seth Godin for yourself (Thanks to my PLN for sharing)


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