One person’s growth is another’s nightmare (215:365)



I had an interesting connection to a few things this week. I am reading Carol Dweck’s Mindset, and I am loving it. I am really paying attention to the mindset I see in myself and others. I also read a blog post by Justin Tarte, I’d rather be’ that guy’ than no guy at all, I think. Basically, Justin’s post is about being pointed out as the “twitter guy” by others. I really connected with his post because I have experienced the same thing from friends, colleagues or when I attend conferences. I told Justin I would respond to his post because I believe what he wrote about is an issue, a real issue.


After much reflection, I have come to the conclusion that it isn’t about twitter, social media or blogging but rather a mindset. Those with a growth mindset would never say to someone (and I am sure there are hints of sarcasm thrown in, but almost always under guise of humor) “Do you spend all day tweeting?” or “You better stop tweeting because your fingers are going to fall off” or “You’re that twitter guy.” Nope. No growth there. Someone with a growth mindset would never compartmentalize your learning, connections, or accomplishments.


So the next time something like that happens to you, think of the other person’s mindset. Most likely their comments are coming out of a place of a fixed-mindset. Most likely they are really bothered by what you represent…. growth….





4 thoughts on “One person’s growth is another’s nightmare (215:365)

  1. This is an interesting reflection. It ties into what I started writing this morning. I am still in the process of thinking it through. It is the concept of a lead learner and what makes someone call themselves a lead learner. I did not read Carol Dweck’s book. As I paused to read your post and type this comment, the answer to my morning reflection probably does come down to a growth mindset as well. I will share my post with you later today.

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