Stretch yourself (218:365)



Life presents us with challenges… Sometimes we face big challenges, and other times they may be small. Those who practice growth mindset see all challenges the same… an opportunity.

A great deal of the most successful people in this world have engaged in “playing up” or stretching.  Playing up/stretching is when an individual takes on a challenge that is above their current level. For instance, if you want to be better in baseball, you choose to play in a higher league with faster pitchers, better hitters, etc. Eventually, with the hard work and determination needed, you can elevate your play (or your craft) to meet and exceed those in the league.


This can be true as you seek to find a new job or a career. Does it matter that you may not have the experience? If you are willing to learn and stay true to your values, you can surprise yourself. Think about it.. everyone at one time had no experience.


The next time you are in a situation and you want to grow, try to “play up” or stretch yourself. You will be glad you did.



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