Preparing for Kindergarten (219:365)



In a few short weeks, we will open our school to the new Kindergartners. So what does the future hold for these little guys and gals? Well, let’s take a look a few important dates in their life….


They will graduate high school in the spring of 2027! If they attend college, they will graduate in 2032 or 2033. Hopefully, they will be able to peruse their life’s passion and begin a career that will most likely span several different jobs (many of which do not exist right now), and retire at the ripe age of 65 in the year …. 2074! Hopefully, I can attend one of their retirement parties. I will only be 100 years old!


With all of that said, what type of Kindergarten experience do we need to create in order for them to get started in right direction? Here are a few enduing understandings that could serve them well in life:

  • Collaboration is key – No matter what happens in school or in life, kids will need to know how to collaborate with others
  • Accessing resources – We, as the educators, do not have all the answers. We need to help these students understand how to use their resources. Everything will be at their fingertips
  • Find your passion! In my humble opinion, we should not be creating passive learners. We should find out early what these students want to learn and allow them explore. We should encourage innovation, and encourage them to not look at education or work as a “job” but rather a passion! They will be much happier!
  • Make stuff – Learning should be messy. Kids should tinker. Kids should make things, read things, count things, and play outside


Not sure about you, but all of that sounds really awesome… I can’t wait to they enter our school! We have a lot to learn from each other.

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