How do you measure leadership? (222:365)



Much has been written about Leadership. Take a look at your local bookstore (if you still have one) or on one of the online book mega-stores and you will see hundreds if not thousands of books dedicated to leadership. On Amazon, there are about 27,000 titles! There are significantly less books written about measuring leadership. In my cursory glance of measuring leadership, I came across a few titles that sound interesting for further reading.


In reading the synopsis of these titles, it validated that leaders are measured upon their impact on the organization, their ability to collaborate, innovate, and how they build a supportive network. In short, leaders are measured on how others perform. Seems like a daunting task… much like measuring teachers on student performance. Either way you look at it, a leader is entrusted with a lot of responsibility. So, how does that effect the decisions that you make? Since everyone is impacted by your decisions, everyone will have a different opinion of your leadership.


As a school leader, how do you measure your leadership? How do you think other’s measure your leadership?

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