Get out of my head! (223:365)



I read The Miracle Morning, and joined TMM voxer group to help maximize my mornings. We contacted the author, Hal Elrod, and he signed up for voxer and joined our group. The power of social media!


One of the key aspects of The Miracle Morning is Silence. Sounds easy, right? You just sit in silence for 5 or 10 minutes, and viola…. Well, I will admit, sitting in silence in not that easy. I never liked sitting meditation, and it seems like any time I have ever “meditated” I get extremely distracted. Then one day, Jessica Johnson suggested the app Headspace for guided mediation. I am so glad she did.


This free app (for the first 10 sessions) has made meditation something I look forward to! The person who guides you along the meditation is just real. He allows you to be distracted, allows your mind to wonder because, if you are like me, starting meditation can be difficult. Each day he takes you through a progression, and 10 minutes later you will feel refreshed!


Check out the app Headspace if you are looking to learn more about meditation. Their website is very informative, and provides information about the science behind their app and additional resources. Good luck!


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