Knowing the learning environment (225:365)



I operate under the assumption that we all learn differently. Sure, there are some trends, but each of us is hard-wired to process information in a unique way. Understanding how you learn is always the first step in creating a learning environment. Think about this for a minute… can you articulate how you learn information? Do you share that with your staff, students, or colleagues?


For instance, I like to make connections. I like to think outside of the box. I like to take risks, and challenge the process. I struggle with problem solving, fixing things, or doing hands-on projects. I have to work hard to do anything technical. Ironically, I do like order, but only for a little while and then I like to change. I like working in groups, but I struggle with always staying on task. So, this is my learning in a nutshell. Knowing this, how would you teach me? Work with me? Challenge me? Please understand that this has nothing to do with how much information that I know, and you can not find this information out on a test.


Learning about the learners in your environment is critical as you begin the new year. What steps will you take to learn about your learners?



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