So many teachers doing so many good things! (230:365)



In August I have been able to attend a few conferences. During these sessions, I have witnessed so many awesome teachers (and admins) presenting about things they are doing in their class for their students.

Whether they are sharing apps, websites, or various techniques to increase learning opportunities for students, these teachers (and admins) are focused, united and dedicated! It is so refreshing.


Here are a few takeaways from today’s Teachmeet, coordinated by Kyle Calderwood and his wife, Liz Calderwood:

  • The world of Augmented Reality is changing, and improving – I recommend to connect with Drew Minock
  • Alicia Mackall did fantastic job of supplying technology applications connected to the Common Core
  • Did you Geddit? Robynn Hecht showed a new tool to collect data and check for understanding in the class
  • Will King presented 20 tools in 20 minutes, and each tool could be easily implemented in the classroom tomorrow!
  • The overall format of Teachmeet lent itself to fast paced learning, in 20 minute segments designed for the learner.

Teachmeet was an overall excellent experience and one I would highly recommend!

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