What will you do different this year? (232:365)

source: www.lumunos.org

source: www.lumunos.org

Each year we welcome a unique group of students into our buildings. For some schools, the complexity of the students doesn’t change much at all. For others, it could be 40%, 50% or 60% new students, not to mention there is always a new grade level entering.

With all this newness, I feel it is our job as educators to challenge ourselves to try something new, different. Why? Not just change for the sake of change, but more so because we have a blank slate, an opportunity not afforded to most industries, we can start over.

So what will you do differently? It is easy to ask that question two weeks before the school year starts, but the answer lies in knowing who your new learners are, and what they will need. It might cause you to do something different.


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