First Five Days of School (234:365)




Alan November and his November Learning Team have created an amazing series based on the First Five Days of School. I have had the pleasure of attending several of Alan’s keynotes and workshops. He is an inspiration. I have learned a great deal from him.


For the next five days, I will be posting something I learned from the November Learning Team regarding the first Five Days.


In this first video, educators are interviewed about some of the activities and ideas for the first day of school. Many of these educators, as you will see, do not even mention technology. It is important to get to know and learn about your students first.


First 5 Days: Day 1 from ALAS Media on Vimeo.


As I watched this video, I felt that the educators featured have the desired growth mindset needed to work with children. They want to spend quality time learning about their learners, in order to provide the most effective environment. What will you do on the first day (or what did you do of you have already started) ?


Be sure to check out the November Learning website for additional resources! Connect with other educators on twitter using the hashtag #first5days

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