First 5 Days: Day 4 (237:365)




Alan November and his November Learning Team have created an amazing series based on the First Five Days of School. I have had the pleasure of attending several of Alan’s keynotes and workshops. He is an inspiration. I have learned a great deal from him.


This is the fourth post in the series of what I learned from the November Learning Team regarding the First Five Days.


Day 4…. Equipped with the previous 3 days of posts, what are some specific activities you will do to build relationships with students in your class or your school? Here are some tips:

  • Establish your student’s learning preferences – How do they like to learn? Maybe you just ask them, or maybe you can set up a few stations in your class (hands-on, reading/information, creative, and an organizing station). Have the students reflect on the ones that they liked, and the ones they didn’t
  • Establish collaboration in the classroom – Set up learning groups, mix and match the students and have them eventually work with everybody. Afterwards, ask them to reflect and tell you who they want to work with (could be a good start to building teams)
  • Establish the learning environment – Earlier, it was suggested to find each student’s passion. Have the students share out what their passion for learning is this year. Make connections with the various passion-based interests.

Be sure to check out the November Learning website for additional resources! Connect with other educators on twitter using the hashtag #first5days

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