What type of trail are you willing to build? (251:365)

source: edtechreview.in

source: edtechreview.in

This post is inspired by one of my favorite bloggers/writers/entrepreneurial thinkers¬†Seth Godin. In his post, Are you willing to build a trail? Seth asks some really interesting questions in a help wanted ad. Seth is asking the right questions, and I wanted to see if this could apply in education. Here are my questions….

Tell us about your personal website

Show us some examples of lessons that had an impact on student learning

What are you passionate about? How would you use that to make the school better?

Tell us about a blog post that changed the way you look at an issue. How did you share this with others?

Have you created anything on You Tube or Vimeo that is worth watching?

What is your favorite hashtag on twitter? What’s your favorite twitter chat you learn from?


Here are some things to ponder…

How would you respond to this ad?

What type of school would ask these questions?

What are you doing to create a positive digital portfolio (trail)?


Thanks for the inspiration, Seth!!!!

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