Put kids first! (256:365)

source: www.puttingourkidsfirst.com.au

source: www.puttingourkidsfirst.com.au

I truly believe that if you are going to be successful in education you have to start by putting kids first. It almost seems cliche, but it shouldn’t. We are in the business of teaching kids. Sure, there are plenty of plans, initiatives, and directives that are required, but they should be working to help us achieve our goal…. putting kids first!


The next time you wonder or ponder if you made the right decision, or you are unsure of a particular direction in the classroom, school or district, answer these few questions, and chances are you will be OK:

  • How does this decision impact the kids?
  • What are the long term benefits for the kids?
  • Have I considered asking a kid about a program or initiative?
  • Will this (insert question, idea here) help to create a learning environment that fosters a positive experience for kids?


Listen at your next meeting or event… See who mentions the kids, and thank them.


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