You are your child’s first teacher (258:365)



As I prepare for tomorrow’s Back to School Night, I have been looking at different ways to approach the “Principal’s Message.” I know that parents really don’t want to hear from the Principal as much as they do the teacher. I have approached the Back to School messages several different ways in the past 3 years. Some messages were off the cuff, and others planned out. I have tried data, and I have tried inspirational…. Tomorrow, I want to talk to the parents as the first teachers. As a partners in this thing we call education.


Kids want to be like their parents. The emulate what you say and do. No matter if you are a team (two parents), solo, an extended family or even if raising them for someone else …. you are their first teacher. In fact, they spend more time with you then they do us. This is why we need to work together. We need to be on the same page. We need to support you! As we prepare for another amazing year, we will always seek to build a bridge to help the children reach their goals.


These are just some thoughts… What do you think?



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