Another formative assessment tool: Plickers (268:365)



Yesterday I blogged about how Kahoot can assist you with formative assessment. Today I want to continue that thread and tell you about another excellent app… plickers. The purpose of plickers is to provide teachers and students with real-time formative assessment data with out student’s needing devices. Sounds interesting? It is!


Picture you are in the classroom and you don’t have a device for all the kids. How would you collect the data on what the students retained? Sure, you could do an “exit ticket” and then you have to go through all of the pieces paper. With plickers, all you have to do is register the students online, get one device that can scan a code, and you will be on your way. In addition, it will track your data week after week so you can see how your students are progressing.


Check out this video to learn more:





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