Stay in your lane! (281:365)



You are driving down the road and someone swerves in your lane…. what do you do? You see someone ahead in the opposite lane of traffic and they are heading right for you… what do you do?


I know what you are thinking… why don’t people stay in their lane? How does this play out in organizations? What if we all stayed in our lane? I can see both sides of the arguments, and here is why….



Why you should stay in your lane

  • You have a job to do and you should do that job
  • If you worry about someone else, you must not be doing your job
  • Especially in education… it is all about the pay grade and the certification!


Why you shouldn’t stay in your lane

  • Everyone has a perspective and your insight could help the organization
  • If no one questioned anything, what would the world look like?
  • People can have expertise in more than one area

Where do you stand? To stay in your lane or not… that is the question….

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