How the Google Drive can take you for a ride (285:365)



Google thinks of everything. It is probably because they allow their employees job embedded time and opportunity to solve problems that don’t exist. The drive is taking education on a ride, and the signs are pointing to great things. There are so many aspects to the Drive that would require a few posts. For the sake of brevity, I will share a few aspects of the Drive that are extremely helpful.


The document – I have been using Google docs for quite sometime. The docs are extremely helpful when you are working with people from around the country. Our PrincipalPLN uses Google docs for our show notes, blog posts, and even the book we are writing collaboratively. Using this simple aspect of the Drive allows us real time communication, and we can literally finish each other’s sentences. We never have to attach things to email, and we are alerted when one of us are in the doc posing a question or comment. In schools, teachers are using Google docs to work collaboratively with students. Administrators can see what the students are writing and even pop in and ask a question. For schools think PAPERLESS!!!!

The form – Ever want to collect and analyze information? Looking for a way to collect Formative Assessment data? I think the Google Form can help you in so many ways. It is easy to create, and just as easy to share. Once you collect the data (no matter what it is) you will have the responses in another Google form…. the spreadsheet. The possibilities are endless with your data (just as long as you asked the right questions).


The presentation – Looking for a way to create a unique presentation? Nervous about carrying a memory stick or a thumb drive? If you try the Google presentation you won’t be disappointed. Once again, easy is the name of the game. There are plenty of presentation options for you to use, and what makes it even more meaningful is that you can embed all of the forms to make it interactive. The presentation is also helpful if you are working with someone to present with because you can collaborate in real time.


The glue to all these innovations is the Google Hangout. There are so many cool aspects to the GHO such as hosting a group of 10 people at once to collaborate. You can work on documents while video conferencing. You can even create a presentation, podcast or forum that can be uploaded to YouTube for future use.


All of these products are simple, collaborative, and easy to use. Best of all they are free! Just need to sign up with Google, and you will be on your way!

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