Continuous learning and improvement (287:365)



Although I am not a big fan of standardized assessments and robbing children of their childhood (see my past few posts), I am a big fan of continuous learning and improvement. What does this really mean?


Educators, with some exceptions, are life long learners. They are constantly seeking to grow and understand their learners each year. This is not easy, but with the help of their peers, administrators, researchers and other practitioners the system is set up to keep improving. For instance, in my pre-conferences with teachers I often ask them what they want me to see so they can improve. At the elementary level that could mean a whole host of subjects or specific concepts. The trust that we build together allows them the opportunity to attempt to improve in an area. Quite often they perform better, and at the post conference have much more of a critique on themselves then I could…. especially if they are of the growth mindset, and focused on improvement.


I see teachers implementing new strategies all of the time. They tend to share their learning with their peers. They want to be better! Sometimes we need to just get out of their way!

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