Why F2F conferences are still relevant (289:365)

source: dowboy.wordpress.com

source: dowboy.wordpress.com

As a connected educator I know that with the click of a mouse, I can connect with educators around the world 24/7. So why do I need to grow professionally at conferences? Isn’t it easier to just attend PD sessions on twitter in my pajamas? Well, yes and no.


Conferences are still relevant to me because I get the chance to meet up with people who share similar ideas with me. In fact, being a connected educator actually makes conferences more fun because I get to meet up F2F with those awesome people in my PLN. In addition to meeting up F2F, I usually try to attend their sessions to help support, learn or to validate the direction of my school.


Conferences also require you to travel, and explore the world. I love staying in new places, trying new restaurants and meeting new people. It is so refreshing, and inspires me to work harder as a leader.


You know that cliche, “Its not what you know, it is who you know”? I think that is one of the reasons conferences are still relevant.

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