An interesting dilemma (294:365)



I attended a conference recently and I noticed an interesting dilemma…. With all of the preparation for the PARCC, districts have been increasing their devices (mostly Chrome books). So, now, armed with these devices, the questions are piling up. What do we do with the devices in the classroom?


Fortunately, besides the test prep, administrators and teachers are seeking ways to help students use these devices. They want to know how to tell their story (classroom, school and district), they want to know why to blog, and what applications can assist students with 21st century skills. This is exciting!


What to do? Where to start?

I would recommend that folks begin with a few of the resources listed below:

How to get connected? Corwin Connected Educators Series is designed to help the un-connected become connected. Each of the books are designed for a specific area including teachers, administrators, families, etc.


How to get started with Twitter? Check out this quick and informative video by Erin Klein, on using Twitter to connect with the world!



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