Do we need to be more like coaches? (295:365)



In the world of sports, coaches play an integral role in their teams efforts. I do realize that education and sports have some similarities and many differences. Based on that, if we look at the similarities we may be able to learn from the coaches.

What are the similarities? (Coaches and Principals)

  • Constantly learning – The effective coach sees the evolution of the game, they know it is not stagnant
  • High Expectations – Everyone wants the best from their players
  • Everyone has a role – Teams, no matter what, need everyone to play a role
  • Take chances – It takes a lot of courage to get out on the field, and there are times when you have to go for the big one


Why are some coaches more effective then others? (this can also be applied to principals)

  • They understand their players, and know what motivates them
  • They are reflective – Implement, reflective, repeat
  • They have a system and everyone buys in
  • The team is everything


So the next time you are watching a sporting event, and you look over to the sidelines, take notice of the coaches. Think about their role (not just on game day) but also in the preparation and reflection.

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